Granot Terms of Service

Service Provider

The business relationship under this agreement exists between GRANOT INC / GRANOT-TECH INC, referred to as GRANOT / WE / US, and Your Company, referred to as CUSTOMER / COMPANY / YOU / YOUR. GRANOT is a company that is organized under the laws of the State of Florida, USA, and operates under the United States laws. Our operational base is located at 4045 Sheridan Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140.

Sites, Hosting, and Domains

GRANOT is associated with several domains, referred to as DOMAIN / WEBSITE, which include:,, and Hosting for these domains is set up through Various Cloud Providers under the administration of GRANOT.

Nature of Business

GRANOT operates on a Business-to-Business (B2B) model. We do not engage directly with private individuals, consumers, or personal end-users, collectively referred to as CONSUMER.

Service Description - Moving Software

GRANOT operates as a Software-As-A-Service / Web-Based Application provider, referred to as SOFTWARE. We provide services in the field of cloud computing and information technology management, referred to as SERVICE. Our primary customers are in the moving and transportation industries, which include Moving and Storage Companies, Moving Brokers, Independent Truck Operators, Auto Transportation Companies, Van Lines, and more

Account Registration and Administration

When YOU register for the SERVICE for the first time, an account, referred to as ACCOUNT, is opened for you. The first user of the ACCOUNT automatically becomes the main user, referred to as MAIN USER, and is assigned administrator privileges, referred to as ADMIN. The ADMIN has full privileges in the SOFTWARE and can perform a variety of tasks. These include creating, reading, updating, and deleting data, records, and files. They can also grant and/or remove permissions to other users and configure sensitive parameters such as pricing, salary, credentials, and personal information. The MAIN USER has full privileges in the ACCOUNT to perform tasks like purchase, upgrade or downgrade, and to de-level ADMIN users.

Account Security & House Rules

YOU are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of YOUR credentials (username, password, and login key), all activities that occur under YOUR account, notifying GRANOT immediately of any unauthorized use of YOUR ACCOUNT, having an up-to-date active and valid license and insurance where applicable, and abiding by the various copyright, patent, trademark, and service mark laws of the United States. GRANOT shall NOT be responsible for any loss that YOU may incur as a result of someone else using YOUR credentials and specifically disclaims liability for any activity in Your account, whether authorized by You or not.

Company Data

Any information (DATA) that is entered by YOU, processed by the SOFTWARE, posted to YOU, purchased by YOU, or uploaded as a file as part of YOUR ACCOUNT activity belongs solely to YOU and for YOUR exclusive use. YOU own YOUR DATA. YOUR DATA is YOUR property.

Confidentiality of Information

GRANOT will not give any information about YOU or YOUR ACCOUNT to others without YOUR permission.

Third-Party Services

The SOFTWARE enables YOU to engage and procure certain third-party services (3RD PARTY), products, apps, and tools in connection with the SOFTWARE. Despite the manner in which such 3RD PARTY may be offered to you, WE merely act as an intermediary platform between YOU and the 3RD PARTY. YOUR relationship with the 3RD PARTY and any terms governing YOUR payment for, and use of, such 3RD PARTY are subject to a separate contractual arrangement between YOU and the provider of the 3RD PARTY. GRANOT is not responsible for any access, collection, transmission, processing, storage, or any other use of DATA, including the COMPANY DATA, by the 3RD PARTY.

3RD PARTY Limitations of Liability

Please be aware that GRANOT assumes no responsibility or liability for any links or third-party services, which include, but are not limited to, the operability or interoperability with our SERVICE, security, accuracy, reliability, data protection and processing practices, and the quality of their offerings. In addition, GRANOT cannot be held accountable for any actions or omissions by third parties. When accessing and using third-party services, you acknowledge that this is done at your sole discretion and risk. You bear sole responsibility for ensuring that the operation and practices of the third-party service, as well as its respective third-party agreement, meet your needs.

Subscription Term

The SOFTWARE provided by GRANOT operates on a subscription basis (SUBSCRIPTION) for a term specified in your Order Form. The respective subscription plan purchased under the Order Form (PLAN) dictates the terms and services available to you.

Subscription Fees

In return for access to the SOFTWARE, the COMPANY agrees to pay GRANOT the applicable fees outlined in the purchased SUBSCRIPTION, as set forth by the PLAN. SUBSCRIPTION Fees are stated in US dollars. The COMPANY hereby authorizes GRANOT, either directly or through our payment processing service, to charge the SUBSCRIPTION via the COMPANY`S chosen payment method upon the due date. The SUBSCRIPTION fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable, unless otherwise stated. GRANOT reserves the right to change the SUBSCRIPTION Fees at any time, and will provide notice to the COMPANY if such changes may affect their existing SUBSCRIPTION upon renewal.

Billing and Payments

As part of the registration or billing information submission process to the SOFTWARE, the COMPANY agrees to provide GRANOT with updated, accurate, and complete billing information. The COMPANY also authorizes GRANOT to charge, request, and collect payment from the COMPANY`s chosen payment method or designated banking account (ACH). GRANOT reserves the right to make any inquiries deemed necessary to validate the COMPANY`s designated payment account or financial information to ensure prompt payment. This includes, but is not limited to, receiving updated payment details from the COMPANY`s credit card company or banking account.

Subscription Auto-Renewal

In an effort to avoid any interruption or loss of SERVICE, the COMPANY`S SUBSCRIPTION includes an automatic renewal (AUTO PAYMENT) option by default. Unless the COMPANY disables the AUTO PAYMENT option or cancels its SUBSCRIPTION prior to its expiration, the SUBSCRIPTION will automatically renew upon the end of the then-applicable SUBSCRIPTION term.

Non-Refundable Services

Certain aspects of the SERVICE (for instance, Lead Market) may be deemed non-refundable. In such cases, these services will be explicitly identified as non-refundable, and the customer will not be entitled to, nor will GRANOT be obligated to, terminate the service and provide a refund.

Excessive Usage

GRANOT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to intervene where it believes that the COMPANY and/or any of its Users may have misused the SERVICE or otherwise used the SERVICE excessively compared to the anticipated standard use. In such instances, GRANOT may opt to offer the SUBSCRIPTION at different pricing and/or impose additional restrictions on the upload, storage, download, and use of the SERVICE. This includes, without limitation, restrictions on 3RD PARTY involvement, network traffic and bandwidth, the size and/or length of content, the quality and/or format of content, the sources of content, and the volume of download time, among other factors. The enforcement of this clause is not intended to condone or permit any Unlawful Conduct or Improper Use.


In the event that we record a decline, chargeback, or any other rejection of a charge of any due and payable SUBSCRIPTION Fees on YOUR ACCOUNT, this will be construed as a breach of the COMPANY`s payment obligations under this agreement. As a consequence, the COMPANY`s use of the SERVICE may be disabled or terminated. Restoration of the SERVICE will not occur until the COMPANY re-subscribes for the SERVICE and pays all applicable SUBSCRIPTION Fees in full. This includes any fees and expenses that GRANOT and/or any 3RD PARTY may have incurred for each Chargeback received. These expenses could include handling and processing charges and fees incurred by the payment processor. The implementation of this clause does not derogate from any other remedy that may be applicable to us under these Terms or applicable law.

No Unlawful Conduct or Improper Use

By using GRANOT`s SERVICE, you commit to lawful use and adherence to these terms and conditions. This includes compliance with all local, state, federal, and international laws. Granot Inc retains the right to disclose any necessary information, refuse to post, or remove materials, in accordance with legal requirements and its sole discretion.

Termination of Service

Either YOUR COMPANY or GRANOT may terminate the SERVICE and these Terms with written notice, given material breach of these Terms, business operations ceasing, or insolvency proceedings. Termination of the SUBSCRIPTION to the SERVICE by the COMPANY does not absolve it from paying applicable SUBSCRIPTION Fees, unless termination occurs within the Refund Period

Suspension and Cancellation

GRANOT reserves the right to temporarily suspend your ACCOUNT and/or User Profile access, or your SERVICE, under the following conditions: (i) if GRANOT determines that your use of the SERVICE poses a security risk, could harm GRANOT or any 3RD PARTY, or potentially expose GRANOT or any 3RD PARTY to liability; (ii) if you or any 3RD PARTY are found to be in violation of these Terms or applicable law, as determined by GRANOT; (iii) if your payment obligations according to these Terms are overdue or expected to be overdue; or (iv) if you or any of your Users violate the Acceptable Use Policy. These suspension rights are supplementary to any other remedies that may be available to GRANOT under these Terms or applicable law. Moreover, GRANOT reserves the right to terminate your use of the SERVICE if it`s associated with spamming practices or activities of a morally objectionable nature. These include but are not limited to activities intended to demean, harass, harm, or threaten; activities prohibited by the laws of the USA or any foreign territories where you operate; activities promoting illegal behavior, such as hate crimes, terrorism, and child pornography; activities that are tortious, vulgar, obscene, invasive of third-party privacy, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive; activities impersonating others; illegal access to other computers or networks (i.e., hacking); distribution of internet viruses or similar destructive activities; and activities harmful to minors in any way.

Compelled Disclosure

Confidential Information may be disclosed if required by a court, administrative agency or governmental body, while also attempting to provide notice to the Disclosing Party for a protective order or restriction of disclosure.

Leads API Gateway

The SERVICE enables a GATEWAY for receiving lead information from a 3RD PARTY Provider directly to your ACCOUNT. GRANOT is a conduit for data transfer and is not responsible for the quality, cost, or transmission failures of the DATA.

Leads Marketplace

The SERVICE provides a MARKET for purchasing Leads from PROVIDERS. The cost is set by the PROVIDER, and funds for purchasing can be manually or automatically topped up. GRANOT forwards payments to the PROVIDERS but is not a PROVIDER itself.

Optional Integration with Google API Services

As an optional feature, our SERVICE offers CUSTOMERS the ability to link their users` individual Google accounts (both GMAIL and WORKSPACE) to Google API Services (GOOGLE API). GRANOT handles these credentials with utmost confidentiality. The primary objective of this integration with GOOGLE API is to enhance and assure accessibility to select DATA you opt to duplicate from our SERVICE to GOOGLE API. Such data might include backups of data and files, calendar events (EVENT), especially in situations where internet connectivity might be compromised, or generating advanced reports in Google Sheets. User`s consent and comprehension of the nature and scope of data to be copied to GOOGLE API, as well as how the SERVICE modifies or deletes the same data it transmitted to GOOGLE API, underpin the data access request. For more information, please refer to: - Google API Services User Data Policy: - Restricted scopes for Google API:

Limited Access to Google API Services

Our SERVICE establishes a storage ecosystem (FOLDER) within the Google User Account for data and files. It conducts operations to add, update, read, and delete data files and calendar events (CALENDAR) created by the SERVICE itself. Importantly, the SERVICE does not interact with, gather, download, modify, share, or display any user data within Google (information, files, events, etc.) that was not originated from or related to our SERVICE. Gmail: We use this to send emails on YOUR behalf, communicating with YOUR CONSUMERS from the USER`s Gmail Account. Google Drive: Our SERVICE creates a primary folder in the root directory (Granot) and subfolders within the main Granot folder (for instance, Backup, Reports). These are used to upload YOUR documents and files for backup and storage linkage purposes (such as contracts, images, recipes, and estimates). Also, it exports reports and information grids to spreadsheets. Google Calendar: Upon user selection, calendars are created, like Granot Schedule, Granot Timesheet, Granot Operation, and Granot Mission. The SERVICE mainly displays EVENT (such as Pickups, In-Person Visits, Timesheet Rosters) within its calendars (a SOFTWARE component), and may also reflect the same EVENT in Google Calendar for backup and easy access to information from the USER’s mobile without the need to log into the SERVICE.

API Services - OAuth 2.0 Scopes

Optional connectivity to GOOGLE API for Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, and Gmail, utilizes the following Scopes:


Revolutionizing Payment Processing

Our SERVICE provides the COMPANY with the tools to configure its Merchant Account Parameters (3RD PARTY Financial Institution / MERCHANT) for processing payments from their CONSUMER. It sends payment transactions to the MERCHANT GATEWAY, indicating their success or failure within the ACCOUNT. GRANOT neither partakes in nor is accountable for the nature of the payment transactions in any form.

PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

GRANOT`s WEBSITE and SOFTWARE have been certified for effectively validating compliance with the PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 SAQ Type D requirements. This validation status is based on a self-assessment confirmed by Sysnet Global Solutions - (

Movers Arena (Jobs Board for Line Haul Transportation, HHG shipments, Cargo shipping, etc)

The COMPANY has the option to post specific jobs on the WEBSITE to seek cooperation within the transportation industry. The job postings are at the discretion of the COMPANY, and the details are displayed next to the jobs. GRANOT is not associated with or responsible for the published jobs. The contractual arrangements and coordination occur directly between the COMPANIES, without GRANOT`s involvement. This advertisement feature is a SERVICE component within the SOFTWARE

GRANOT`s Data Collection

As part of your ACCOUNT activity, GRANOT accumulates, monitors, tracks, stores, and analyzes technical data such as; cookies, IP addresses, browsers, service requests (clicks), traffic volume (bandwidth), file size, and errors. This information is used for improving the SOFTWARE and ensuring the ACCOUNT and the DATA`s security. GRANOT also collects Public Information (e.g., from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and States’ Division of Corporations) and Commercial Information (e.g., from Dun & Bradstreet and Google Place) related to YOUR ACCOUNT for authentication, validating operational legitimacy, indexing, and appropriately publishing this information.

Intellectual Property Rights

All materials, including SOFTWARE, application programming interface, design, text, editorial materials, informational text, photographs, illustrations, audio clips, video clips, artwork, other graphic materials, and names, logos, trademarks and service marks (excluding YOUR DATA), any and all related or underlying technology and any modifications, enhancements or derivative works of the foregoing, are the property of GRANOT and its licensors. They may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. GRANOT retains all rights, titles, and interests, including all intellectual property rights, in GRANOT Materials, as between YOU and GRANOT.


GRANOT makes maximum efforts to respect copyrights and legal use of licenses and trademarks of third parties. In relation to these legal rights, the COMPANY must affirm that they have permission to use the same names, licenses, texts, and documents.


GRANOT`s SERVICE offers active ACCOUNTs the option to download a backup file containing the company database in a Microsoft Excel format at any given time. YOU are required to download YOUR database at least once a day to any accessible computer. GRANOT may move COMPANY DATA, for active ACCOUNTS, to a history directory. DATA in this directory can be searched and retrieved for up to a year or more based on availability. GRANOT may remove any non-retrieved DATA in the history directory for active accounts after one year. GRANOT is not obliged to maintain, hold, host or backup databases for up to six months for a COMPANY whose SERVICE was voluntarily terminated or due to failure to pay the agreed SERVICE fees. GRANOT may remove said database upon SERVICE termination. If YOUR COMPANY wishes, it can pay a fee to retain the database for an extended period.

Force Majeure

Neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in fulfilling its obligations due to events beyond their reasonable control. Such events may include denial-of-service attacks, interruption or failure of the Internet or utility services, third-party hosting services failures, strikes, shortages, riots, fires, acts of God (such as hurricanes, earthquakes), war, terrorism, and governmental action. GRANOT will strive to keep its WEBSITE, SOFTWARE, and SERVICE functional. However, certain technical difficulties and other uncontrollable factors may occasionally result in temporary service interruptions. For events such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, hurricanes, accidents by 3rd parties, cyberattacks, beyond human power to cause, prevent, or control, you agree not to hold GRANOT liable for the consequences of such interruptions.


YOU consent to be bound by any reasonable changes GRANOT may introduce to this Agreement. If YOU have purchased or leased SOFTWARE or SERVICE from GRANOT, this Agreement`s terms will continue to apply as long as YOU use any of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES.

Limitation of Liability