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This document outlines the privacy practices of GRANOT INC and GRANOT-TECH INC (collectively referred to as GRANOT/WE/US), detailing our collection, storage, usage, and disclosure methods for various types of business and personal data. As a web-based application service provider primarily serving the Moving and Storage industry, GRANOT acts as a steward for customer data.

Customer Data Management by GRANOT

We manage, process, and store data on behalf of our business customers (the CUSTOMERS). This data, submitted via our service and API gateway, is handled solely by our software. As a customer, you retain ownership and control of your data. GRANOT safeguards it, restricts access to it, and adheres strictly to your directives during processing. You maintain the right to access, share (via API), export, or request deletion of your data. Upon termination of your account with us, your data will be systematically purged from our active databases within three months and from our backup systems within an additional three months.

Data Retention

Your account data is stored by GRANOT for the period necessary for fulfilling the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. There may be instances when we are legally mandated to hold onto your data for longer periods, such as for maintaining suppression lists, addressing legal claims or proceedings, enforcing our agreements, and complying with other legal, tax, or accounting requirements. Upon completion of the legitimate need for your data, it will be deleted or anonymized from our active databases and isolated from further processing in backup systems until deletion is viable.

Data Collection by Granot

Data collected by us includes information about website visitors, prospective customers, and those who get in touch with us via forms or emails linked to our website. We also collect data automatically from browsers, devices, and servers, and use cookies and tracking technologies. Publicly available information from government, business, and social networks also forms part of our data collection, adhering strictly to the terms and conditions of the respective sources.

Data Sharing Policy

We respect your data privacy. GRANOT does not engage in sharing, publishing, or selling any data related to our customers and their consumers, users, contractors, third parties, or activities.

Public Data Usage

Data collected from publicly accessible sources may be indexed and republished by GRANOT, primarily for the benefit of our customers. Customers wishing to modify or opt-out of this listing can reach us at Modifications will be implemented within 48 hours on business days (Monday to Friday).

Opt-out from Emails

All emails sent through GRANOT`s email system contain a clear "Remove Me" link at the bottom. The recipient can choose to stop receiving emails from the sender by clicking this link. GRANOT may prohibit customers from sending emails to recipients who have opted out.

Opt-out from Texting

Every text message (SMS) dispatched through GRANOT`s texting system includes a clear option to cease receiving messages. The recipient can elect to opt-out from future texts from the sender by replying to any of our messages with the word "Stop". Following this action, GRANOT will discontinue sending messages to that recipient. We reserve the right to prevent customers from sending text messages to recipients who have chosen to opt-out.

Google API Service

Once verified by Google, our software can establish connectivity with various Google APIs for data transfer purposes. Please note, this is an optional service and the basic functionalities of our transport software do not necessitate access to Google APIs.

The primary objective of accessing Google APIs is to duplicate data from our moving software to a Google account. This process is primarily for backup purposes and data redundancy, ensuring your data`s safety and accessibility.

Your explicit consent is required for us to access your Google Account data. We make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the information that will be transferred mainly from the moving software to your Google account. Please rest assured that we do not access, collect, or use any information in your Google Account that is not directly related to the data being transferred from the moving software.

Information Collection - We collect your name, email, and avatar from your primary Google Account. We verify the existence of specific calendars and folders that can be synced with the moving software.

Information Sharing & Disclosure - Granot maintains a strict privacy policy and we do not share any of your information with third parties.

Changes in Your Google Account - Depending on the data transferred from the moving software to your Google account, we may add calendars and folders in your Google Calendar and Google Drive. This step is taken to synchronize your moving data across platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Google API Service - OAuth 2.0 Scopes

Optional connectivity to GOOGLE API for Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, and Gmail, utilizes the following Scopes:

  • - non-sensitive: Allows viewing of your primary Google Account email address. The requested scope is necessary for accurately identifying and verifying users within our moving software system. By retrieving the user`s primary email address from their Google account, we can ensure a unique identifier that is reliable and widely used.
  • - sensitive: The requested scope enables integration between the moving software and the Google Calendar API, allowing work events to be pushed to a dedicated calendar. This integration offers seamless work event management, redundancy, and easy mobile access. Users can conveniently view and access their work-related commitments in one centralized location, ensuring data preservation and accessibility across devices. Enables viewing, editing, sharing, and permanently deleting all the calendars accessible to you via Google Calendar.
  • - sensitive: The requested scope allows the moving software to upload reports, backup data, and documents to Google Drive for analytics reports and backup purposes. This integration enables seamless transfer of important files, facilitating the generation of analytics reports for data analysis while ensuring the safety and redundancy of critical information through secure backups. By utilizing Google Drive`s storage and collaboration features, the moving software enhances data management capabilities, promotes efficient workflows, and safeguards valuable data assets. Allows viewing, editing, creating, and deleting all of your Google Drive files.
  • - sensitive: The requested scope enables the moving software to upload reports into Google Sheets for analytics purposes. This integration allows for seamless transfer of reports, facilitating data analysis and generating meaningful insights. By utilizing Google Sheets` powerful spreadsheet functionalities and collaborative features, the moving software enhances data management capabilities, streamlines analytics workflows, and enables efficient collaboration among team members. This scope ensures a centralized and organized approach to report storage and analysis, optimizing the overall analytics process within the moving software. Enables viewing, editing, creating, and deleting all your Google Sheets spreadsheets.
  • - sensitive: Permits sending emails on your behalf. The requested scope allows the moving software to send emails on behalf of the user, replacing legacy SMTP services with enhanced security and authentication provided by Gmail. By integrating with Gmail`s robust infrastructure, this scope ensures a secure and reliable email communication channel. It eliminates the need for relying on less secure and potentially outdated SMTP services, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and improving overall email deliverability. This integration streamlines email functionalities within the moving software, providing a more secure and efficient method for sending messages on behalf of the user.

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Modifications to the Policy

In the event that alterations are made to our privacy policy, a notification will be prominently displayed within the interface of our moving software to keep you informed of any updates.

Data Disclosure

Our promise of privacy has certain legal limitations. We might be compelled to disclose personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, prevent fraud, enforce an agreement, or safeguard our users.

Safety and Discretion

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