Granot + Moving Software

Granot is a leading Moving Software development company since 1994 providing an advanced web-based application for the moving industry.

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Granot Mission and Moving Software strengths:

A powerful cloud-based platform that can turn your moving company into a technologically advanced business. Your business continues to operate even after the business hours.

Granot Moving Software is ideal for:

  • Moving Companies - From locally operated companies to large scale moving operations.
  • Brokers & Agents - Sales team that book moves 24/7 around the clock
  • Carriers & Truckers - Filling up your trucks with jobs wherever you drive. Utilize Granot Jobs Board as your first source for business opportunities.

Granot Moving Software modules:

  • Leads - Gateway for receiving moving leads from a variety of sources; Website, Leads Providers, Leads Marketplace, and Social Network.
  • Estimate - Prepare estimates based on tariff, unique parameters, default services, and rates vary according to the workload of the company.
  • Operation - A tool for managing the execution of work in the field and for pricing the job, services and materials consumed. Fill the working hours of the employees. Production of paperless bill of lading to be signed electronically by the consumer, foreman or driver.
  • Dispatch - Prepare your teams and trucks for work day and manage a situation room in real time in the field.
  • Mission - Prepare daily rides for local moves and trips for long distance moves. Manage the company assets loaded on trucks and delivered to work sites
  • Storage - Monthly billing and charging mechanism. Sending invoices and transact payments automatically.
  • Payroll - Preparation of salaries for field and office employees according to hourly wage, position, sales commissions.
  • Job Board - Loading moving jobs and auto transport jobs on Granot Jobs Board for business cooperation with moving carriers, auto transport carriers and self truck operators.

Moving Software features:

  • Paperless Contracts - Granot`s eSign technique for drawing and digital signature on any document.
  • Chat Online - Direct access to a chat service as a consumer communication channel from any document, email or even your website.
  • Electronic Bill of Lading - Complies with the recent changes of FMCSA’s Household Goods Consumer Protection Working Group effective Jun 27, 2022. The document is built in stages according to the process of contracting and working in the field.
  • Online Booking & uBook - Directs the consumers to get an online estimate and make online payments for booking their jobs. Sales opportunities and service 24/7.
  • Pricing Events - Determine periods and loads capacity for price varies and stop booking dates. Allows you to book more moving jobs with safety rails of a certain amount of jobs at a certain time and at an appropriate price.
  • Texting - In / Out text messages with consumers, workers and affiliates.
  • Google API - Connect the moving software to Google API Services; Calendars, Spreadsheet, Gmail, and Drive.
  • OAuth2 - Sending emails digital signature by Gmail and Outlook to improve email deliverability.
  • DKIM - Authenticate your domain for sending digital signature emails to improve email deliverability.
  • Automation - Setup action rules for system events when a significant action is performed.

Granot APIs, Gateways and Connectives

  • Merchant Account - Transact online payments with your financial institution.
  • Emailing - Sending outgoing emails through any mail provider (SMTP).
  • Leads Providers - Receiving moving leads from major providers.
  • Google API Services - Sync calendars and upload reports to spreadsheet.
  • Texting - Send and receive text messages (SMS) to/from your consumers, workers, and affiliates.
  • VOIP Integration - Notify your representatives on incoming calls.