Granot offers two moving software products

OMS v4 - New moving software for managing moving companies. Released January 2022.

WMOVE v2 - Original moving software with many innovations for managing moving companies since 2001.

Both moving software are marketed, maintained and developed according to the needs of the industry and requests from the customers. Any selection is a good choice for your moving company.

The level of use and access to modules and features according to the plan. In each software, the method of use and pricing of the software is different.
Offered plans: Basic. Professional. Advanced. Supreme.

OMS v4 - Online Moving Software

Most innovative and advanced moving software for overall management of your moving company.

Plans & Pricing for the OMS

Offers a wide range of software uses; Leads, Estimates, Operations,Sales, Dispatch, Mission, Affiliates, Job Board 50 Users/Workers, 1 Company, Sending 10,000 emails monthly, 5GB storage for documents
Offers additional features: Claim, Storage, Payroll 100 Users/Workers, 2 Companies, Sending 20,000 emails monthly, 10GB storage for documents

Optional Services and Charges for the nOMS

Additional Company
Adding a department as a legal entity (additional moving company) in the same account.
Billing Included in the Advance plan
Offers additional features: Claim, Storage, Payroll, 100 Users/Workers , 3 Companies, Sending 20,000 emails monthly.
Billing Included in the Advance plan
Send and receive text messages (SMS). 1,000 In and Out per month.
10GB Storage
Store signed documents and upload scan documents and pictures taken by the service.

WMOVE v2 - Web Moving Software

A winning reputation when it comes to cloud-based moving software

Plans & Pricing for the WMOVE

Offers modules:
Unlimited Users, Leads, Estimates, Email Center
Additional modules:
Payments Process, Calendars, Electronic Signature, Consumer Management, Operations Calendar, Payrolls, Follow-up
Additional modules:
Operation, Trip ,Closing contracts, Claims
Additional modules:
Storage, Agents, Multi Departments

Optional Services and Charges for the WMOVE

Multi Department