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Hi all, wanted to share my experience. I was quite skeptical when they arrived. At first, they didnt note down everything they were packing and I asked them why. They said to chill that their supervisor is coming later in the day to do all the paperwork.
They packed everything properly and we waited for half an hour more just for one of their sales representative to make the list and after I signed I was expecting something to happen. But nothing really happened, they delivered everything in time.
Two of the chairs we a little more loose than before, probably too much weight was on them during the transportation, but that is not a big deal, we wanted to change them anyway.
I called later customer service about my chairs and I was guided how to make a claim, but it is taking too long, Id rather pay few bucks to take new ones and avoid this endless time on the phone.
Overall good deal. 

Posted by: Phil

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Origin: OHIO
Destination: TEXAS
Items Missing: No
Items Damaged: No

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